Saturday, February 26, 2011


On my drive home from work, I was meditating on what living in the most beautiful place in the world can do for the psyche and I wanted to share the incredible view with you. The good news is that even on cold and rainy days during a miserable February, Sonoma County is still gorgeous.

The bad news is that when I pulled over to get a picture, I got stuck.

Thank goodness a couple kind souls pulled over to push me out. Feeling too proud to call someone for help, I ended up waiting a while before anyone offered a hand (at which point, I realized I was never going to get out on my own, so it's a great thing they did). You know who gave the random act of kindness? Not big, burly pickups with two by fours in the truck bed, but cyclists. I will never again zip around them on the backroads or curse them for making me lose a second slowing down.

Thanks, kind souls! And the reward for the effort:

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