Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just Another Day at the Office

It's not every day that I will fake kiss a pig carcass, but the kitchen crew is prepping for a pig roast this weekend.

My first pig roast was in college, when a friend of a friend worked for a party rental company and borrowed a tow-behind grill. He scored a half pig, literally cut down the middle from nose to tail. It was a little grisly at first, but that went away as it kept getting injected with more and more beer as it crackled over the coals. I knew at my first bite that pig roasts would be part of my future.

When I lived in the Berkshires, a good friend of mine did a pig roast with her family almost every year, but they always buried it in the ground, which is less maintenance and keeps the meat from drying out. I will have to get the details on how the restaurant pig is getting prepared, but will keep you in the loop when the party rolls around.

Now I'm off to enjoy my "Friday" before having a couple days off! Enjoy your Wednesday.

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Jay said...

Why do the photos of cheesecake show larger on the screen than the pigkiss? The pigkiss is the one that begs to be seen up close. Still, they're way better than at old blog.