Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cheese Fest

One might hear "artisan cheese festival" and think, "that sounds like a fun thing to go to." I hear it and think my heart may stop from sheer bliss.

Being stuck in a room with several hundred fellow cheese nerds, all celebrating the most perfect food known to man? Yep, it was rough.

Here I am holding a plate of butternut squash pudding with bruleed Redwood Hills Crottin. Technically, I was on the job. But I still managed to sample some of the goods- for purposes of quality control, of course.

In between plating, I gobbled down an asparagus and blood orange salad from Harvest Moon Cafe in Sonoma, featuring Laura Chenel's Chevre.

And right after that I sampled a bit of everything from the cheese buffet. Don't be fooled by the flower arrangements. Behind those breadsticks were dozens of platters of artisanal cheeses. I can die a happy woman.

I hope to see you there next year, unless, of course, you have an issue with goat cheese. Or are lactose intolerant.


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Matt Miller said...

I want to try that Chevre. And the stinky stuff.