Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fishing, Take 1

This weekend, I went fishing for the first time since I was eight. It was awesome. Bear knows all the great spots along the coast and had the gear and know-how, so I rolled up my sleeves and put my best fish-catching face on.

Here's me holding the bait- isn't it the biggest mussel you've ever seen?

We couldn't have asked for a clearer day. Even if this starfish wasn't poking up to say hello, I would have been able to see him hiding in the kelp.
Here's our bait, ready to get hooked:

Bear slices a piece off and hooks it.

Here's what happens when you get over confident with casting your line:

Jellyfish. Can you see it?

Fishing requires a lot of patience. Like when you're waiting for a tug on the line, don't get too caught up with distractions.

If you do catch something, listen to the ranger and throw it back if it doesn't meet the proper measurements. These folks were bummed to get busted on too-small crabs.

Yep, I tried not to get too distracted while I set down my pole to explore.

A tiny crab tries to squeeze into his newfound home.

In the end, Bear pulled up a starfish, but we didn't catch any fish this time around. I need more work on my casting anyway.

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