Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Easy Way to Get Happier

I just read this book, and I couldn't put it down. A big part of this blog is living a full and happy life, and I needed some reminders on how to improve my outlook and more easily recognize the happiness I do have.

This book is full of tips- every month, Gretchen Rubin focuses on a different aspect of her life to improve on. Did you know that little things like making your bed and going to bed earlier can help make you happier? I think our moms were on to something ....

The point of this book is that personal happiness isn't necessarily what you have and do in proportion to what you want. It's about the little things. Do you let yourself be silly? Do you find the ridiculous element in situations? Do you indulge wisely? How do you spend your money? Do you allow time to nurture hobbies? These are all touched on, and terrific reminders of how to be positive and shift your thinking for much greater satisfaction.

Visit Gretchen's blog.

Tips for starting your own happiness project.

What helps you feel happier?

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