Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Go-To Smile

If you know me, or followed the Brooklyn Tart or Rav Woman's fledgling site, you'll know that last year I fell madly in love with a rascally four-legged pitbull named Sammy.

It ended in heartbreak. But Sammy is still the love of my life, and whenever life gets ridiculous and I need a smile, he's my go-to man.

It's my little secret.

Are you ready for it?

I picture Sammy on rollerskates. The old-school quads. The ones you stumbled around in at the rink while searching for a partner during "ladies choice" while Bon Jovi blasted to low lights and a disco ball. I picture him trying to navigate on four rollerskates, which I can scarcely imagine since he could hardly manage on his own feet. And then I smile.

Then I try hard not to laugh. I'm usually at a place where it's very awkward to laugh to yourself, like the DMV or in the waiting line at the bank.

But honestly, it works every time.

Corny? Yes. Does it work? Yes! I encourage everyone to create their own go-to smile.

And if you need something to give you a lift, you can always think of a clumsy guy like Sammy on rollerskates.

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