Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lockpicking Village!

Now that I'm back and slowly catching up on sleep, I have so much to share with you about my weekend at Maker Faire. So much that I'm going to share it over the rest of the week.

I think it's fitting that the first thing I show you is my favorite thing from the event. It was, hands down, the Lockpicking Village, where the elusive society shared its secrets for getting into inaccessible places.

Here's a little video of one of the experts examining a lock. The lock picking is way tougher than it looks, but the tools make all the difference. There are two pins that work together- one has a jagged edge depending on the style of lock, the other is used to hold it open while you pick from the other side.

This would really come in handy for me, since I seem to lock myself out of the house at least once a month. There's lots of info and great resources on the internet to get started for those interested.

More soon!

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