Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vegas, Baby

I realized that I still hadn't posted about my trip to Vegas the other weekend. Bad blogger! My best friend is getting hitched this summer (ahem, to a lad from college in which I which I may have had a hand in arranging the match). We figured the classiest thing to do was have a bachelorette party in Vegas. (Obviously!) Here's a snapshot.

Since Michelle, my bf, lived in England for a year, as does my other college buddy, Amy, we had a British theme for the weekend. Across the pond, they call a bachelorette party a "hen do," which includes a lot of games and structured fun. We went with it. Our first night included getting dressed up and checking out the strip.

The next day, we went casino hopping, which included silly surprises at each stop along the way. We are Wisconsin girls, after all.

You can take the girl out of New York but, wait ... is that New York?

Our stop in New York included a toilet paper fashion show, which, luckily for those involved, I did not document.

The Venetian was a bit classier. Oops! Except for the caution tape accessories. Yes, we're nerds, although, I believe the term is "hot nerd."

(Note: Michelle does not really have pink hair.)

On our last day, we took a gamble at, well, gambling. One thing I learned: it does not help your game when you approach the dealer and say, "I've never played. What do I do?"

The dealers loved us anyway. Maybe even more because of it.

Congratulations, Matt and Michelle!

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