Saturday, June 25, 2011


The other week, one of my parents' oldest friends came to Sonoma on a work conference. With her passion for the outdoors and architecture, I found the perfect place for us to meet- Cornerstone Gardens.

My favorite part of the gardens was this upscale junkyard in the back of a gallery with antique hardware and oddities awaiting yuppie remodels.

These gardens are unique in that they incorporate sculpture, landscaping and architecture, with a mix of urban planning.

This grass garden inspired a friend of mine who transforms urban lots in Chicago into community spaces using the natural landscape.

Sharing this place with someone who has known me my entire life made it even more memorable. When someone has known you long enough to see you change, while growing into the person you always were, there is an insight into the events in your life that can be the most worthwhile advice.

Being at a crossroads in my career and personal life always sends me to throw change, even chaos, into my life. Having someone who's been in my shoes give perspective was as soothing as the garden.

We can not change the landscape we are in. We can only do our best to plant a garden that will thrive in that environment, and wait for it to grow.


Anonymous said...

Love this garden and your analogies as they apply to your life. The garden of our lives need the same kind of introspection and wisdom as our real-life flower and vegetable gardens. They require that we pull the weeds, tend the soil, and then eat of the fruits. Love you.

Ravenous Woman said...

Indeed. And the best news is that they can constantly change. Love to you!