Friday, June 17, 2011

My Amazing Burrito

I'm slowly catching up on backdating some past blogs to share with you, but have returned to the land of slow internet.

In the mean time, let me show you some takeout food porn and the incredible "burrito diavola" that saved my terrible day yesterday when I got into my first car accident.

Don't worry, it wasn't serious and no one was hurt. Except the pickup truck door that I crashed into when a knucklehead had pulled up too far at a stop sign.

I did learn a thing or two from the wreck.

1. The reminder that lots of things can go wrong at any time and how lucky you are when something goes wrong and no one is hurt.
2. Being cranky and upset doesn't help at all in dealing with adversity.
3. It's not your job to decide who's to blame.
4. Accidents happen all the time. Try to avoid them, but when they do happen, all you can do is move forward and be grateful it wasn't worse.
5. When dealing with bad stuff, try to find something good to eat. It always makes things seem better.

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