Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Great Train Museum

Last weekend I went to Fairfield.  Why, you ask?  For the Western Railway Museum, duh!  

I realize I've actually had this thing for trains for a long time.  Most of my great life adventures have begun on trains.  I even found the almost love of my life on one.  

So it seemed right to pay respects.  And I went with a guy who loves trains even more than me, from an engineering perspective.

Love the traditional uniforms all the conductors and volunteers wear.  And did I mention this museum is almost entirely run by volunteers, right down to the train restoration and maintenance?

Woman a la mancha.

An example of how tramps used to "ride the rails."

A classic Pullman.

Blustery Fairfield is also home to a large wind farm with turbines (don't get caught calling them windmills).

The inside of one of the trains in the restoration queue.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! It's always nice to hear about someone like you that shares a love for railroad history and it goes to show that gender has nothing to do with it!