Monday, July 18, 2011

Naked Lady Party

Funny, on the east coast, we just call it a "clothing swap," but in California, it's a "naked lady party."  Either way, it's ingenious and I jumped when my roommate said she was having one.  Imagine taking all your old clothes and not only getting rid of them, but finding them a new home where they can get a second chance.  Oh, and getting a whole bunch of new clothes yourself without spending a dime or going through the hassle of stores.

This is the only way I shop now.  There was a lot to dig through (I got too caught up in the moment to even think about photographing the ocean of clothing on my living room floor, but it was impressive).  I'm lucky to have friends with style, who are my size and have much bigger closets than I do.  The perfect match was a friend with too big clothes- mine always shrink, so it felt like we just handed off our entire wardrobes to each other and it was a done deal.

The score of the century are these amazing knee high leather boots.  

 I'm pretty sure they are going to change my life forever.

And a black leather coat, with perfect fading on the arms and shoulders.  I'm so ready to rock.

My only issue now is that at some point during the day, I have to take them off.  Is it weird that I want to wear them to bed?

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