Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Perfect Day Off

It's been the summer that won't seem to warm up.  Until today.  It was also one of my first days off in a while.  (This will change- I've decided I need a day off every week.)

Fewer days off means they're that much sweeter when they do come.  A chilly morning sent me to my favorite coffee shop with the girls.  Some coffee, a little gossip and a great book was more than enough to make today perfect.  

But they brought kayaks!

They launched the boats and we drove ahead to the end of the river to meet them.  Then the sun came out.

We swapped places and Lisa and I took a turn paddling.  We checked out the local real estate and checked out the birds coasting inches over the surface.  My river cabin of choice is the charming fixer on the right.

When we got back to shore, the Jen Tucker Band started playing on an open-air stage.  Gorgeous day, great live music, friends, dogs to pet, wine, and a tuna sandwich.  Does life get any better?

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