Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Technical Support

Tonight I had a marathon Skype session with my friend Matt in New York.  We used to have regular Skype nights on Fridays when I worked nights and weekends, where I would save up all my computer questions for the week and then bombard him with every mechanical problem I'd encountered.

That's how Matt is.  He's good at fixing stuff.

Now our Skype sessions happen less frequently and are unscheduled, but still full of computer glitches and meltdowns.  Except now there's more urgency, because I need him to give me clear explanations with immediacy before anyone at work suspects that I may not know what I'm doing.

From resizing a photo, to referring me to an inspirational book he read as a kid, to advice on healing a broken heart, Matt is always the guy to have on the other end of the phone, helping me navigate through life's mysterious codes.  He's the one who reminds me when I'm forgetting my spiritual side, or lets me know when I'm being too stubborn or unreasonable, in a gentle but honest way.  He also has a gift for saying difficult things to people who have a hard time hearing anything.

I hope everyone has their own version of a Matt in their life.  When trusting your own instincts gets fuzzy, it's really nice to have someone in your corner telling you when to take a chance.  And when to stop betting against the odds.

And, of course, how to get rid of that spyware you accidentally downloaded.

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