Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to Use a Moka Pot

The last few weeks, I had a housesitting stint, which was great until it came time to making the coffee.  Has anyone ever seen the old European espresso pots?  For a normal person, it's probably intuitive, but for me I had to find some answers to get my cup of brew.  Thanks, Wikipedia!

First off, it's called a Moka pot.  And it is really easy to use- maybe even easier than my usual French press.  So next time you're at Aunt Martha's and want to make coffee when she's at church, you'll know what to do.

First, fill the bottom canister with water.

Drop in the filter cup (the cone-shaped screen that fits into the bottom vessel).  Fill with ground coffee about 3/4 up so there's room for it to expand with the steam.  I thought a fine-medium grind was best, but espresso can be too strong for me.

Screw the top onto the bottom (it should be rinsed clean and empty).  Boil on high heat until the water from the bottom steams into coffee in the top vessel.  Like magic!  You know it's ready when the coffee in the top pot gurgles like crazy.

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