Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rivertown Revival

This weekend, I went to Petaluma with my friend Daisy and her pal Roo, in town from Colorado.  We hit up the Rivertown Revival, Petaluma's version of the Handcar Regatta (on water instead of land).

It was a gorgeous, hot day and finally felt like summer ... and there were $5 weddings under a red umbrella!  If they hadn't been so legally binding, I would have been tempted to get one myself.

It was great being in a wide open space with plastic pints of beer, sunshine and great live music.  Of course, it was mostly a country/bluegrass theme, and I'm inspired to learn the washboard.  Seriously!

My personal highlight of the day was fried pickles- or frickles, from the Fabulous Frickle Brothers.  I got mine with sriracha dipping sauce, and the Frickle version of Ranch.  I am a friend food connoisseur and a huge pickle fan, so this was the closest I've been to heaven all summer.

The boat race happened in the afternoon, and was quite dramatic considering it passed by in seemingly slow motion.

I rooted for the Rainbow Brite boat!

There was great people watching, especially those of the steampunk variety.  I love it!

With Daisy and her friend Debby in the shade.

This ensures I won't miss the Handcar Regatta this fall!

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