Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just so you know ....

.... I'm catching up!  And housesitting again- this will be my third out of four housesitting stints in three months.  I love it, it totally changes up my routine and gives me quiet time (I can never get enough time alone).  And nothing makes me more productive than changing up my routine!  That means I'll finally be putting up those posts I've sat on all summer because the internet at my house is too slow to upload the photos and I don't want to do it at work because it involves my own computer separate from my work computer and that it's too much at the end of day of staring at a computer all day.  Whew!

But this week, more will be coming in at last, you patient handful of readers out there (Dad).  I'm deep in the redwoods with snuggly animals and fast internet and the chance to focus, so some writing will be done!

I can't wait.  Stay tuned, and please forgive me for breaking the cardinal rule of blogging and backdating some posts.  It's just too sad to write about my fourth of July weekend at the end of September.

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