Friday, October 21, 2011

A Dozen Little Chickens

One of my favorite things about my house is the great chicken coop my roommate built for the 12 little gals we have.  When I first moved in, I secretly wanted to move into the chicken coop- it's that nice!

I still have a ton to learn about chickens, including what kind we have.  All I can tell you is there are 4 each of black and white, yellow, and red.  It has taken months for me to even get to a point where I can pick them up.  They are quick on their feet and not scared to peck at you.

They also seem to sense I'm uneasy around them.  They are darling girls, it's just all that pecking I'm not a fan of.

Lucky for me, we have a trap door next to their nesting boxes for grabbing eggs.  I still have to be quick, since a couple of the gals are onto me.

So grateful to my roommate, who is the real chicken mama and brains behind the operation.  And she shares all the beautiful eggs with us.

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