Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Horse King

When I set out to Washington a few days ago, it was to take advantage of down time from work and reconnect with family.  It's really become a vision quest.

This is me with one of my new goddesses on the third day of my quest.  

The first day was realized with profound insight from my aunt on who I am and where I fit in with my life and family.  While we met only a year ago at my brother's wedding, it was kismet and we've continued the conversation ever since.

Part 2 was a reiki reading by another goddess.  I'm not going to try to sway the skeptics, I'm just here to heal.  I can just say there is magic in someone being able to read you by concentration before even talking to you.  We give off a light that we each have the power to see, but few can understand.

I've always been a seeker of destiny so today in a cozy yurt, I had my chart read to find some connections in some of the inexplicables of my life.  Divine.  Truth will find its way out and though I've been hearing it a million times, I needed to hear a soothsayer remind me that being my full self and feeling safe is the only way for me to grow and learn.  I got some answers, and now I'm ready to blaze a new trail.

With two of my three goddesses we each drew a card from Wisdom of the Hidden Realms, just for fun as we were saying goodbye.  I drew The Horse King.  I had to share, since The Horse King card is about Assistance and Control, and lines up almost eerily with my road trip.  It reads:

"The Horse King always comes to lend you the power to go the distance, forging ahead whatever the weather.  You will most certainly reach your perfect destination with this noble ally.  He lets you know that some person or circumstance brought through synchronicity will certainly appear to help you with your endeavors.  You aren't meant to go this part of the journey alone.  This is also an important time to delegate authority to others so that they may assist you.  Currently you're magnetic to powerful people who are in a position to help make your dreams come true.  The Horse Kings asks that you remain open to those who are sent to aid you.  You can be assured that you will be lifted up and will ride high in victory."

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