Friday, December 16, 2011

Special Props

I'm on the road today setting out for the next leg of my journey.  It will be so I can see the lovely Bee and her family in Salt Lake.

Did I mention that the inspiration for this trip is my amazing friend, Amanda Rae, who came to visit me a few weeks ago.  This adventuress hit the road to make new memories when her apartment burned down in May and has been traveling ever since.  I'm thinking of her on this mini-trip, when I have the opportunity to try something new, when I take a picture of something I would otherwise ignore (like snow on a piece of grass), when I meet new people, and when I come home at night with the option to write something instead of zoning out.

I'm so glad I have a gal like this in my life to shake things up and get me out on the road.  Thanks, Amanda!


Unknown said...

Please keep up the frequent posts, and don't hesitate to write about stuff. Your descriptive skills are enjoyable.

Ravenous Woman said...

Thanks, it's always encouraging to hear from new readers!