Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Before the Fall

Before my crazy fall on Sunday, I actually had a pretty rockin' weekend. It started with a craft super sale to stock up on sewing machine essentials, then an efficient Target run to stock up on everything else. (Who else loooves that place?!)

And then, a party! Proceeded by this sunset:

My friend, Kitty, had a send off before her 4-month voyage to New Zealand, where she'll be bicycling and racing her way around the country. I would sneak into her luggage if she could spare 120 pounds of dead weight.

Dishes accumulated as guests arrived.

More food appeared, including beautiful homemade tortillas. I brought Caesar salad, my official potluck dish (as in, don't bring Caesar salad if we're going to the same party).

A highlight of the party was the opportunity to use the infamous creepy van cake mold, a treasure discovered at Goodwill. Aside from Scooby-Doo, we couldn't come up with any other appropriate theme to make a cake shaped like a creepy van. Until now.

I especially like the lightning bolt. The cake was gluten free, from a Bob's Red Mill mix. It was surprisingly delicious! (But I've never been disappointed from a Bob product.) Is it also ironic that I ate the piece that said "or bust" the night before my climbing snafu? Shoot!

The frosting was a glaze made by a sneaky lemon impostor and unfamiliar citrus. To find out who did it, stay tuned!

Bon voyage, Kitty!

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