Monday, January 23, 2012

Eclairs and Pot Pie

This weekend I needed a break from taking it easy in the sling. A friend came to the rescue and made me veggie pot pie while we prepped for the Niner playoffs.

Bonus: mustache bottle attachments! As if there's nothing better than a bottle of beer on its own.

The star of the show, with the flakiest crust ever ...

Next we did a recipe test for a pate a choux recipe I had that needed some tweaking. I was a bit nervous, since I haven't made this in years.

 Ooops, I forgot a pastry bag. My quick fix- use a ziplock and snip a hole in the corner. They don't come out as pretty, but it works well in a pinch.

Chocolate eclairs, here we go. The ones on the silpat are prettier, but the ones above without parchment (as advised in the recipe) cooked more evenly. Hmmm.

 We split them open and got them ready to fill.

 Another issue, the one part chocolate to four parts pastry cream ratio came out a little too strong. A little more ganachey than I would have liked, but will scale back the choc next time.

The finished "truffle" version of the eclairs. Delicious, but I'm going to go the extra mile and make the glaze next time for a prettier pastry.

I'll put up the recipe once I work out the kinks!

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