Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fun with Finished Projects

Here are some shots of my two finished aprons after an all day marathon of learning some sewing machine basics.

Daisy made a gorgeous slipcover for her ottoman.

And pillows, which her dog quickly claimed. He has a thing about pillows.

Here are some other beautiful things she's made for her school. She knows how to make a space pretty and inviting.

We found an old vintage pistol and thought it would bring some pioneer edge to our photo shoot. Unloaded, of course, Ravenous Woman is an advocate of gun safety!


Katie said...

Awesome! Love your aprons! I'm signing up for a sewing class at the Brooklyn Artists Gym, and spent today designing my very first from-scratch knitting pattern (a hot water bottle cozy). Hooray for making things!

Ravenous Woman said...

Good for you, that's fantastic! You should also check and the freegan website for some great free and sustainable events, including sewing workshops! (

The water bottle cozy sounds like a great project, would love to see pics. :)

Katie said...

Oooh, thanks for these links, especially the freegan one! I have a bunch of items at home that I want to donate, but I've been looking to mix up what I do with donatable items, and this could be an interesting change!

The cozy is super simple but I'm inordinately proud of it regardless. I'll put up pix once I make a little more progress. Sorry to hear about your arm - feel better! <3