Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gnome Doors

Last night, I had a little shindig called crafts n' drafts. Just in the nick of time, I've been going stir crazy. Some special gals came over to work on those projects crammed in a corner (mending and finishing for me). We got to work before relaxing and watching The Sound of Music.

Wish I'd taken more pictures, but the highlight was 'gnome doors' made by my roomies. We live in the trees, so they're decorating with adorable mini doors at the tree bases to make them look occupied. Here are some accessories:

I love that I live with ladies who can bust out a Dremel in the living room on a random Saturday night.

Here is one of the finished products, with hinges fashioned from Copenhagen containers. Cute, right?

This is how we live it up on weekends in west county. Just saying.

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