Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! I hope everyone had a safe and fun evening last night, and that you are as excited for 2012 as I am. I'm ready for lots of great stuff this year.

As for my night, I had a mellow evening at my local watering hole. I met a slew of locals I hadn't met during my brief foray at the coffee shop. I drank beer out of a can, played pool with some ranch folks, and told jokes with some crab fisherman. It was lively and pleasant, and it cleared out by 11 and we all went home. All in all, a perfect New Year's.

The highlight of my night was watching some of the old timers taking jello shots. We had to keep reminding them they aren't meant to be sipped. I put in a request for grape ones for my next big night out.

Any resolutions this year? I was going to do something practical like trying to be on time, but I really just want to be more kind this year. I want everything I do to be in kindness and try to draw it out in others.

How about yours? List in the comments!

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