Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Eat a Pomegranate

My roommate brought home the most wonderful pomegranates from her friend's tree. Sadly, many of them sat unnoticed in our decorative fruit basket and eventually got fed to the chickens. 

Three of them were left, begging to be eaten. It's not often that I eat pomegranate, which is a shame because they are such a delightful fruit. They have a slightly bitter taste similar to cranberries, but are much sweeter and full of antioxidants. They are quite simple to eat.

First, cut into quarters. The seeds are what we're after, since they're the edible part.
That's also where all the juice is stored.

Peel back the skin like an orange, and separate the seeds from the pith. If you drag your fingers across the seeds gently, they will just fall out.

Collect them in a bowl. It's surprising how quickly they add up.

Look how much you get from just a couple!

Now here's what you can do with them.
-sprinkle to the tops of salads (goes great with bitter greens, blue cheese, walnuts and bacon)
-put into a blender to make juice for a super dose of daily vitamins
-reduce over medium heat with a little sugar for an amazing fruit sauce or reduction (great on desserts, salad, pork, poultry and game meat)
-eat with a spoon and pretend it's cereal (your friends will think you're weird, but you'll outlive them all)
-put a few in a glass of champagne or prosecco (this is my favorite!)

Have you ever had those wonderful chocolate-covered pomegranate candies? They are small, so would work best in chocolate molds or a liquidy couverture like Scharffen Berger.

If you've never had a pomegranate, make it your impulse buy at the store for something new and different. Sorry, chickens, you got lucky but we can't waste any more of these beauties on you.