Thursday, January 12, 2012

My First Hostess Fruit Pie

After making my Omnivore's 100 list, I was surprised to find a few of my never-tried-it foods to be good old American standards found at any grocery store. 

"I can not believe you've never had a Hostess Fruit Pie," my best friend, Mitch, said to me when I told her about the list. "But you've eaten dog. A Hostess Fruit Pie is actually good."

So last weekend during my Target run, I grabbed a few of those new things to try. I've never been snobby at all in regards to food- in fact, I have a weakness for junk food.

For my first time, I went the classic route and got cherry, though I'm more of an apple pie kind of girl. I had always thought these things had a shelf life of years, so it was a surprise to see a sell-by date (of less than 2 weeks from the purchase)!

Was it supposed to be eaten warm or cold? Served with a glass of milk or a nightcap? I needed more advice.

According to Mitch, everyone does something different, but her routine was to have it for breakfast, cold (she was very specific about that), and with a cup of hot tea. So I did.

Surprisingly satisfying! Especially because I'm in a fragile state while I heal, it felt nice to cross something off a list while I am so physically limited (I'd love to eat all hundred for my 35 by 35, but the fugu and kaolin are going to be tall orders to fill).

And now I feel like I accomplished something this week!

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