Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rockin' the 'Tinis

I just got back from a couple days seeing my dad in the Bay Area. We usually hike or go on a silly adventure when we get together, but our options were limited while I'm still slingin' it. 

At least you don't need two hands to drink. So we did. My dad got martini glasses (actually, they're gigantic and better suited for margaritas) and mise en place for cocktails, so I showed him how to do a proper martini. Here's a refresher course for those seasoned drinkers.

First, chill the glass. Ice water will chill in it faster than ice alone. To an ice-filled cocktail shaker, pour a double shot of gin (a four count pour works best for me), and a splash of dry vermouth. For an extra dry martini, reduce the vermouth, or eliminate it altogether. For a dirty martini, add olive juice. Shake hard for 20 seconds until the outside of the shaker is frosty. Dump the ice water in the glass just before straining. There should be a thin layer of ice over the martini's surface as you serve it.

I'm not a huge clear martini gal, so I made mine with gin and homemade limoncello in place of the vermouth for a sweeter, more refreshing drink.

It made a weeknight watching Malcolm in the Middle feel way classier.

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