Monday, February 6, 2012

A Hike Off Bohemian Highway

This weekend, I took my first hike in over a month, and quite possibly my first real exercise since the fall. And all out of the sling! (It's the little things.)

I packed some sandwiches and trail mix and hit the highway. Bohemian Highway. There's a large plot of land being donated to the Sonoma Land Trust and a little bird told me there was a waterfall.

There was.
Here are some things I love: water, rocks, ferns, moss, the smell of churned earth and clean mud ...

... and gnarly, twisted fairytale roots clinging for survival.

Here is me trying to get a shot from the top of the waterfall, but not daring to go any further.

My friend helped me out.

Then we raced sticks in the creek. Mine won half the time and the score will eventually need to be settled.

My dream house:

Yup, it's kind of ugly here.


I changed my mind and decided I want to live here instead:

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Anonymous said...

I want to go here with you.