Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How To: Slicing Citrus Supremes

With this cold getting me down, I've been trying to hit the citrus and vitamin C with full force. Then I found my knife bag after 8 months of neglect and decided to see where my knife skills were at. But mostly I wanted vitamin C.

I recommend a mix of citrus for a sassier salad. I have grapefruit, naval oranges, and blood oranges. This is the best time for all of them (but sadly, I hear they're not doing so hot in California).

First, slice off the top and bottom where the stems are so you have a flat bottom to rest the fruit on. It gets slippery, so always cut away from yourself. Then start from the top and shave off the rind- it will mean cutting in a curve with a gentle sawing motion. It is best to do this in eighths or even tenths. If you are losing too much meat, then shave a smaller portion. See picture below for a better idea.

Holding the fruit in your hand, VERY carefully slice between either side of the membrane, removing only the juiciest flesh. Go slowly and carefully. And make sure your knife is very sharp. You can hold the fruit in a towel if you're nervous it will slip. (Sorry, I had to photograph this one-handed.)

The cut-out membranes will start to make a little accordion, just keep going. This is crucial French pastry technique. Your friends will think you're fancy!

When you are all finished slicing all the fruit, don't forget to squeeze all the juice out of the little accordion left over. It's the best part, and you will not need to add even a granule of sugar to the mix.

Enjoy, and laugh in the face of colds and flus.

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