Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Nice Little Jaunt

I got another local spot under my belt this weekend when I took a walk around the grounds at Westminster Woods right next to Bohemian Grove. (Technically, it's not open to the public, but I got some connections and seized the opportunity.)

What immediately grabbed me about this place (aside from devastating beauty in the quiet mystery of redwoods), was the lack of conflict between modern science and its Christian belief system. On a walk through the grounds, each step represents a million years. Signs are posted showing the evolutionary development of the planet for that particular time, as well as information about the whys and hows of our own unique ecosystem here in west county. Take note, science and spirituality can mix!

Also a climbing wall with lots of potential. Love that kids get to be exposed to this!

And my personal favorite of the ground features was the outdoor kitchen and herb garden. Not that I'm biased.

A homemade "cob" oven. I wonder why they call it that?

Oh, now I get it. See the cobs jutting out from under the mud and clay?

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