Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Chicks!

We were getting lonely at our house with only 14 animals- and a mere 10 chickens. So my roommate, Sugar, popped by the feed store and got four new baby chicks! We are rounding out the mix of girls with four new Americanas- they are multicolored beauties who lay green eggs.

Here they are at 2 days old.

They aren't cute at all, are they?
The older girls are not as delighted with the newcomers as we are. Here's one of the blondies, hootin' and hollerin' to let us know she's displeased.

She'll have to get used to it.
The chicks are staying in a dog crate under a heat lamp in the coop while the older girls get acclamated to them. But we just had to have some face time with them- keeping them tucked in our pockets or under our neck to keep them warm.

My other roomie, Crystal, just became an auntie of a beauty named Ida. We decided we're going to name one of the chickies in her honor.

That's Ida there in the front!

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