Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trampoline Park!

I woke up in St. Paul yesterday after being in New York, but the midwest is no less dull. I'm visiting my cousins, which means lots of fun activities. Like going to the trampoline park!

 It was a first for me. And parents, take note. This is a brilliant idea for any high-energy kids or high-energy friends of kids in your life. Just take them here and let them work it out.

 They have a general jumping area, where accidents are avoided because you are only allowed one person per square (see other rules in the photo below). Pictured above are basketball hoops where you can dunk like magic, as demonstrated by my amazing cousins. Or if you're like me and not athletically inclined, you can stay just as awkward, but with jumping. (Seriously, just because I couldn't even make it into the short hoop should not discourage anyone else from being a basketball genius with trampoline aids.)

 I had much better luck jumping into the big foam pit. It was much more straightforward- just fall in.

The real niche I found for myself which I failed to capture on film was dodgeball. It turns out I'm something of a dodgeball master after avoiding it for years. I teamed up with three of my cousins and we were unstoppable- undefeated for four games in a row. I tried to take it easy on the little kids on the opposing team, but man, it was satisfying to not be the guy taking all the hits like I used to in the old days of elementary school.

Just 30 minutes of jumping for me, and man, was I beat!

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