Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Old Sewing Box

For most of my life, it seems I've been in a constant battle to organize my craft projects. This year, I made the goal to approach learning to sew on my grandmother's machine, a terrifying prospect for many reasons. Particularly because it means opening the floodgates to even more demands for materials, tools and space to a hoarder-in-the-making.

Yes, it's an actual fear of mine that I may one day be buried under my own craft projects if I don't rein in my hobbies soon. Maybe whittle them down a bit. (Hey, whittling! That's another thing I've always wanted to learn!)

I appreciate that my fairy godmother sought out a bona fide sewing box for me to use instead of stacking wicker baskets and shoe boxes full of random needles and thread. Consolidate, consolidate. I don't like having multiples of things just to have multiples of things, but the essence of crafting requires having a stock of materials. Knowing where to find them is kind of a big deal.

And I really like that having this sewing box makes an official statement, like an academic's regalia. Like, hey world, look out cause I'm a sewer now! Maybe I'm over thinking it.

So here's my basic start into my sewing stock, and the work in progress for perfecting my craft room (of which there will be a post, just as soon as I can get it into presentable shape for the "after" portion of the before and after transformation!).

-pin cushions
-rotary cutter
-extra machine needles
-tracing pencils
-seam ripper
-seam gage
-extra machine light bulb
-good fabric-only scissors (these live on my machine table, since the moment I put them away, I immediately need them out again)

What's in your craft basket?

What do you like to make?

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