Friday, June 29, 2012

Use Those Ingredients!

Every year for Christmas, a good friend of mine makes this beautiful red pepper jelly and I never know what to do with it. It sits in a lonely cupboard and eventually gets pushed to the back until I do a reorganization and make it a priority to use it.

Now it's back in front and I have found there's nothing more fun than taking an unusual ingredient and building meals around it. The red pepper jelly is the new staple for my now "grown up" grilled cheese.

Here's what I do:
-one piece of bread gets mustard
-the other gets red pepper jelly
-goat cheese

Brilliant! I can't wait to use this for crostini. I'm nearly through the jar and already raided my dad's stash for when I run out. Luckily, Christmas is just around the corner.

Any ideas from your end? What item in your cupboard is leaving you stumped as to what to do with it?

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