Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sushi for the Squeamish

Chuck got me a sushi mat way back at Christmas, but it's taken some major cajoling for me to make the move into Asian cuisine. Cooking it, that is, not eating it.

Now that I'm settled in my own place, experimental cooking is far easier, so the time has come for me to venture into uncharted territory. Ready, set, sushi rolls!

Here's what you need:
-sushi rice (please, please, don't try it with anything else)
-rice vinegar
-nori (roasted seaweed for wrapping)
-fillings (I used avocado and ahi, but salmon, sprouts, tofu, carrots, etc. are great- whatever your fancy)

Before you begin, rinse your rice a few times before you cook it.

Cook your tofu or fish unless it is smoked or very, very fresh. I seared the tuna to a medium, just to be safe, but medium rare is ideal.

After you have cooked your rice, mix in a little rice vinegar and sugar. The same rules rice cooking rules apply, but sushi rice will be stickier to help bind your rolls.

When all your ingredients are prepared, get your mat ready. I lined it with plastic wrap to make it cleaner and keep the rolls from drying out.

Line your mat with a sheet of nori and a layer of rice, leaving a lip on one end for sealing it. There should be enough rice so you can't see through the nori. Keep dipping your fingers in water to help with the stickage.

Have sliced fillings ready.

Line them up in layers in the center of the rice. This ended up being a little too much filling, but allow yourself a learning curve and take note for next time.

Use the mat to press the roll over and carefully roll up as tightly as possible.

Wrap in plastic and chill, it will make them much easier to slice.

Alton Brown gives a great tutorial on making sushi rolls, but there are zillions out there. Have no fear!

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