Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Words in the Woods

What is it about the woods and creativity? A little fresh air, a night under the stars, and a pen in hand was just the thing I needed this weekend. I took my first trip up to Anderson Valley on my first ever writing retreat at Hendy Woods.

To break the ice among 11 strangers, we immediately set out on a hike to get the creative juices going and get acquainted. We passed these lean to's where the famed Hendy Hermit lived in the woods undisturbed for 18 years.

I wonder if he was a writer?

Following the trail through the old growth redwoods, I marveled at the stretch of clover on the forest floor.

Back at the camp, a fellow writer and camping virgin helped start the fire. She did a great job!

We worked on 8 different prompts, one of them being to build a story around a magazine picture.

The coordinators brought ample "nature themed" reading material to keep us inspired. Of course I immediately picked up Little House in the Big Woods.

We found some bear poop less than a mile away. Actually, we found it after dark during a night hike, but then came back the next day to verify because the rest thought it was just us writers embellishing the truth.

Next time, Jack London State Park!


Urbanforageur said...

Revenous- love your wild styles, just a quick note, that is actually Oxalis (wood sorrel, super lemon bomb), next time try some on your salad or steamed with fish :)
Happy foraging!

Ravenous Woman said...

Thanks, Urbanforageur!