Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yosemite- Day 1

I just got back from camping in Yosemite. What an inspiring four days! I'm not a savvy camper, so this was the chance to put my skills to the test, and my dad was happy to buddy up on the adventure.

We are big time hiking enthusiasts, but usually aren't organized enough to get all the gear together for proper camping. In the past, we've done hiking trips with hot shower motel stays or tent cabins with bunks. This time, we abandoned our toe-in approach and really, it only enhanced the visit. Being right at the trails is how the outdoors are meant to be experienced.

Our first day, we explored the valley on foot and navigated our way around Yosemite Village and the shuttle system.

View of El Cap and Half Dome at the West entrance to the park.

Bridalveil Falls.

Entering a meadow towards Yosemite Falls.

A monarch caterpillar enjoying some milkweed.

The Ahwahnee Hotel.

We didn't stay here- our intention was camping, after all- but lucked out and snagged a spot at Camp 4. Last minute reservations within the park in the summer are virtually impossible, so I panicked and booked a campsite over an hour outside the valley. We jumped at the chance to stay put, and were right at the base of the trailhead for Yosemite Falls.

So glad we made the stop on the way for a proper camp stove. Scrambled eggs and cold beer for dinner, and plans for an early start the next day.

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