Monday, July 9, 2012

Yosemite- Day 2

 Our first big day of hiking- we started with Vernal Falls, an easier 3 mile loop, though lots of climbing.

I was surprised by how full the falls are for this time of year, especially with little snow in the sierras.

Lots of people go off the trail into the water, but this quiet little pool is less than a hundred meters from the falls. Yikes! Too chancy for me.

Next, we took a bus up to Glacier Point to take the 4 mile hike down. This is one of the steepest trails in the park- so much respect for those who take it all the way up! We learned that just climbing down the 4 miles of endless switchbacks was challenge enough.

 Saw a bear right off the trail. Was happy to see it through glass and not in the open air.

Glacier Point. Enjoy the photos!

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