Thursday, September 13, 2012

Revamped Switch Plates

 I've been in my new apartment for three months and it's cute as can be- except for the light switch covers. They're just terrible and awful and I'm offended every time I see them. 

This one is by far the worst.
And this one isn't that much better. Don't get me wrong, wolves, turtles, sea bass and cheesy nature scenes have their charm in the right place, but definitely not in my decor. This weekend, they were ready for an extreme makeover.

I pulled pages from an old dictionary and set to work making a smarter, more neutral decoupage to fit my aesthetic.

And best of all, you just need a little glue and a sharp edge for trimming down. For the more interesting pictures on pages, I lined them up in the switch plate frame, glued them down, evened out the edges and folded them over the back like so. When laid flat, then the hole for the switch can be cut out with a clean edge.

Paint the decoupaged surface with Mod Podge to add an extra coating. Yes, a new adhesive to work with! (I'm a big fan of projects involving glue, in case you didn't know.) This helps projects last longer, especially if using fragile materials.

Here are the rest I made.
This one is my favorite. It's going in the bathroom, of course.

Sorry, Wolfie, it was time for you to move out.

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