Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tahoe- Day 1

A couple weeks ago I went to Tahoe with my dad and his friend, Maddy. It's a three hour drive from the East Bay, which means that you still get the better part of a day after you get there. Our first stop was the lake, of course, where we found a couple new friends.

The irony was that the little guy was a far more enthusiastic swimmer than the retriever.

At Tallac Historic Site, we got to walk on trails by the lake and get a little culture at the same time. This once upon a time resort had a museum and restored cabins capturing the essence from its heyday at the turn of the century.

Here's an old icebox from the kitchen. I love old kitchens.

And old laundry rooms. It makes my visits to the laundromat not seem so bad.

I took the opportunity to snuggle up with Smokey the Bear. We were next to the big fireplace in the lobby, but he didn't seem to mind.

The grounds were full of beautiful gardens to explore.

This is where I would sleep if I lived here- the nanny's bedroom!

When there's more time relaxing on the porch than walking, it's a good indication that happy hour is near. Until tomorrow!

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