Monday, October 15, 2012

Moved by the Spirit

On the morning we left Yakima Valley, our family finally got together for a group picture, and also to show off some pumpkin carving artistry, namely from my dad.

It's been years since we carved pumpkins together, so I was pretty happy that we got it together enough to even get the pumpkins.

My dad has a puncture-holes-around-the-pattern-then-connect-the-dots approach, which is very effective with complicated designs.

I let him trace mine, but kept my batman logo pretty simple.

We found a great spot on the patio to show them off.

And just when I thought pumpkins were the greatest thing ever grown, I fell in love with the apple tree in the front yard, weighted down by its own branches and kissed by the lawn mower.

Happy Halloween and happy fall!

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